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The Galleria Gems is enjoying the fame as one of the leading Gem Exporters of Natural Gemstones. We offer you a fine collection of Natural gemstones at very reasonable prices. Our company is situated in a major gem producing center in Sri Lanka (CEYLON).

Exquisite gems

For several centuries Sri Lanka has enjoyed a reputation for exquisite gems. Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean, south west of India, the island covering some 25,332 square miles. Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon or Serendib by ancient navigators. Sri Lanka has been blessed with an abundant variety of minerals, precious and semi precious gemstones, such as Ruby , Blue Sapphire , Pink Sapphire ,Yellow Sapphire , White Sapphire , Star Sapphire , Alexandrite , Padparadsha , Cat's eye , Spinel, Citrine , Moon Stone , Amethyst , Aquamarine , Peridot , Garnet , Tourmaline and Topaz. The gem industries in Sri Lanka is of great antiquity and Sri Lanka is renowned all over the world as a gem and jewelry producing center. Our Highly skilled personnel has brought success in achieving customer satisfaction.

Our aim

Our aim is to serve our customers with a wide selection of World’s finest Gems at competitive prices. All our items are subjected to a very high quality control inspection to ensure that all our customers get the best quality gems every time when they purchase from us.


Customer service

We have been in the gem industry with enough confidence and serving our customers for the past 7 years. Our Gem industry is characterized by our own experts whose many years of dedication to the Gem trade is your guarantee of quality. We have a large selection of best quality gemstones. When you buy gems from a gem producing country the prices are very low and helps you to save money. Our mission is to be your reliable and dependable supplier from Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We are committed in providing exceptional value for money to our valued customers combining the latest technology and innovation and also to cater with high quality Gems. We are known as the unique and forerunner in the Gem industry in Sri Lanka and overseas. Our Gems carry an international Warranty

Our Vision

To Endorse The Galleria Gems as a well known brand in Gem & Jewellery industry in Sri Lanka and internationally which would bring high foreign exchange earning to our country.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We do what we say
  • Quality – Always do our best
  • Customer Delight – Once a Customer is always a customer
  • Team Work – Sharing and collaborating knowledge with all

Our Guarantee

Many people are nervous about purchasing Gems as They feel there are inherent risks. How does one know that the purchased item is exactly what it is claimed to be? Is the price fair? If the recipient doesn’t love it, can it be returned or exchanged? All gems sold by The Galleria Gems are tested by a qualified Gemologists who authenticate and certify them. A “Certificate of Gem Identification” and an “International Warranty” are issued with every gem stone sold.

6 years experience in Gem & jewellery trade and 2 year business experience in vehicle motor parts and machinery trade.



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